After being unexpectedly promoted to a senior level executive position, I was pleased and terrified by the challenge this presented. Leigh helped guide me through a transition period during which I learned to think and act more strategically than I ever had before---and to develop into a better leader.
---Senior financial executive, global conglomerate

Dear Leader:
What is your ONE leadership challenge? What is the major obstacle in the workplace that is blocking your optimum performance or career advancement?

My name is Leigh Henderson and I coach successful leaders to be even more successful by helping them level the leadership playing field.

My area of expertise is coaching ambitious professionals, especially “Cs-to-Be™” who have the expertise, talent, and drive to reach “C” level positions such as CEO or CFO in small to mid-size companies---or to assume executive roles in divisions within large corporations.

In addition to being an executive coach, I am a mentor coach for college graduates in the early phases of their careers; a keynote speaker and seminar leader on the changing culture of the workplace; an educator teaching in the Management Department at the Zicklin School of Business within Baruch College, the nation's most ethnically diverse campus; and a writer on working to be a leader.

Need help identifying and overcoming your ONE challenge? Call me at 646-373-4321 to set up a complimentary half-hour coaching session so I can help you level your playing field.

Lead with your best,
LTR provides customized development programs to address and navigate professional and personal stumbling blocks on an individual’s leadership path
Leigh Henderson,
Managing Director
Leadership Training Room, LLC


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